An unexpected pregnancy is very common. Many women have to go through this dreadful experience. It is something to panic about, but you should not take any decision drastically. Here are four things you should do before making a decision.

Take your time to decide

It is very normal to panic in situations like unexpected pregnancy. You try to search for reasons why it happened. But after you are over with the first phase of shock, you should take a deep breath and realise that you have time. You shouldn’t rush into making any quick decisions. The decision you make will have an impact on your future. So, take time to decide.

Get confirmation

The initial pregnancy test that you do may give you false results. So, you should first confirm your pregnancy. Many medical centres offer free pregnancy tests. You should also find out in what stage of pregnancy you are in. If you think of abortion, then in most states the legal period to do so is up to 20 weeks of pregnancy. Women usually find out that they are pregnant within 5 to 8 weeks following a missed period. You should also know about your reproductive health. You can test for STD.

Talk to others

After getting confirmation of your pregnancy, you should share the news with your close ones. During this critical time of your life, you need the support from your friends and family. You must be prepared that not everyone will react positively. There may be members of your family or friend circle who will be judgmental about it.

Look out for resources

You should find necessary information regarding pregnancy and abortion. You can consult a women’s clinic in your area and discuss your condition. They will be able to help you to take a good decision.

If you decide to go ahead with your pregnancy, you must have a discussion with your partner. You should decide together whether it’s better to have the baby or not have it. You should make a sound decision so that you don’t regret it later.