Abortion is a complicated and risky procedure. According to statistics, about 10% of women who undergo induced abortion to suffer from immediate complications. Other complications start to appear after days, months or years. Here are the major risks associated with abortion.


The risk of death is high in case of abortion. Some deaths occur within a week of the surgery. Causes of such death are haemorrhage, embolism, infection, anaesthesia, etc.

Cervical, ovarian and liver cancer

Women who have history of abortion have higher risk of having cervical, ovarian and liver cancer compared to women with no history of abortion. This increased risk is linked to the unnatural disruption of the hormonal changes that occurs after pregnancy. It may also be caused due to untreated cervical damage or increased stress levels.

Uterine perforation

Women may suffer from uterine perforation after an abortion. Most of these injuries are undiagnosed. Laparoscopic visualisation can tell if there is a case of uterine perforation. Perforation in uterus can cause complications in later pregnancies.

Cervical lacerations

This type of complication results in long term reproductive damage. It can cause premature delivery, complications of labor, etc. The teenagers are more likely to be affected by cervical damage.

Placenta previa

Abortion increases the chance of placenta previa in later pregnancies. It can result in fetal malformation, excessive bleeding during labor or even perinatal death.

You should avoid induced abortion unlesss it’s essential. It causes serious damage to your health. It not only causes the complications discussed but also affects your general and psychological health.