If you are dealing with unexpected pregnancy or want some counselling regarding pregnancy, then we can help you. We provide free services to help you with your unplanned preganancy and other issues related to pregnancy.

Pregnancy testing

You can come to us for pregnancy testing. It is a very simple test, and you will only need to visit us for one hour. We need your urine sample to conduct the pregnancy test. If necessary, we may refer the client to a local medical laboratory for a blood test. If your pregnancy test turns out to be positive, then we will give you parental vitamins and iron pills if your iron level is low.

STD testing and treatment

It is something everyone should do if you have been sexually active. Any sexual activity, including oral sex, puts you at risk. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) often don’t have any symptoms. But it can severely damage your body. If your result is positive, we will refer you to a specialised clinic.

Ultrasound imaging

Thourgh ultrasound imaging, you will be able to know the condition of a pregnant woman and her embryo. Ultrasound examinations can also be done to confirm pregnancy, detect fetal heartbeat, determine due date, etc.

Counseling and support

We have trained counsellors to help you and your partner with information and resources. They will help you to make informed decision regarding pregnancy. They help you with abortion decisions as well.

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We maintain a strict confidentiality policy. Our services are free. Come to us for any pregnancy related issue and our consultants will help you through this stressful journey.